Grow your business in Auckland

ATEED’s Business Growth Team can help Auckland business ventures reach their full potential.

ATEED business growth specialists and advisors are situated at area offices in:

This team is the first point of contact for business assistance.

The ATEED Business Growth Team will:
  • assess your business to determine its needs
  • assist companies with a plan to help develop, grow and innovate
  • identify relevant courses, advisors, information and other services that address companies' specific development needs
  • determine eligibility for Government funding under the Regional Business Partners Programme
  • connect a business to other ATEED specialists who can help (sectors, investment, R&D, tourism, awards and events)
  • connect a business to other companies and organisations that may help

Regional Business Partner Programme

  • Capability development: building management capability can accelerate the growth of your business.
  • Research and development: advice and funding to help companies innovate.

Auckland businesses can access information, funding, training and development to innovate, develop and grow their business through ATEED. ATEED is the regional business partner delivering the NZTE Capability Development Vouchers, and R&D grants through Callaghan Innovation.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow.

Funding your research and development

If companies have a bright idea which needs funding, ATEED is the first point of contact on the research and development journey.

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Contact a local specialist

ATEED has four local business capability offices that support local business in their respective areas. Enquire now to access information, funding, training and development.

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Exporting from Auckland

Many of New Zealand’s export industries take advantage of Auckland’s easy global connections, strong infrastructure and human capital to achieve success.

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Business mentors to help with any business

A business mentor could be a valuable sounding board and provide companies with expert guidance to realise the full potential of their business in Auckland.

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Research and development funding

ATEED can help businesses which need support or funding to increase capability or to conduct vital research and development.

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Getting ready for investment

ATEED offers a special programme to get businesses ready for investment.

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Going digital with your business in Auckland

Digital technology is helping businesses thrive.

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Promoting sustainability

ATEED is committed to minimising the direct environmental impacts of its operations, and maximising its social impacts.

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Rural business in the Auckland region

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, but most of the land area in the region is dedicated to rural enterprises.

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Food and Beverage Capability Reinforcement Workshops

Keen to grow your food and beverage business? Then join in a new programme designed specifically to support your business’ growth and led by industry experts.

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